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Project Description
This software has mainly 2 parts.first one is the solver which solves the sudoku puzzle and another is the gamer which allows user to play the game depending on the difficulty level he has chosen. We have tried to provide decent GUI for the software.hope u like it....

As told in the brief description above this software has decent look and feel .Has totally 5 packages Help,MainPage,Solve,SudokuFrame,SudokuGenerator.Whenever you run the project you will get a welcome page with 4 options as to solve,play,help and exit.
solve is to solve the sudoku puzzle and
play is to play the game where it will generate each time a different puzzle for you depending on the difficulty level chosen and there will be a timer within which you have to solve the puzzle.
help provides you the rules to play the game
and finally exit to close the application...

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